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  1. So a 57 year old man says that ‘ My parents weren’t there for me, they’re so busy putting me to a private school all my life and they’re hardly there to play with me, Now they’re old, I won’t pick up the slack for them because of all the trauma they’ve caused!”

    DUDE, Everybody has issues! BIG FOCKING DEAL. AND it was 45 years ago?! You’re being an Az Hole because they didn’t treat you like a special snowflake like you think you deserve. You really need to see a Therapist or maybe an Exorcist, No way on Earth are you going to get those years back!  I’d be so sorry for myself if i were your parent..sheesh! 🤨

    Frustrated Jack Nicholson GIF

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    2. NightWriter


      @Kilroy WashereHi Kilroy, It’s weird that I can’t post longer than 3 sentences on this site. LOL.  I think he’s damaged goods like the rest of us, only some have chosen to hide it quite well while he was telling everybody about his life story.

    3. NightWriter


      @Kilroy Washere I’m sorry if I haven’t posted for awhile. It’s almost the end of the year and it’s toxic time again at work. I hope you’re well! 

    4. SiLvErClAw


      lol i'm sorry for the person, but hey, he has to work with what he was provided, and not blame everything to how the parents treated him

      good day, NW

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