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The Mail Box - Undelivered Poetry

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Sometimes there are messages that you just got to say out loud, or in this case write down. And these messages are "safer" if stored in a cool dry place. This is that place. And, like all secrets, it's always a thrill if there's a chance of it escaping in the wild. 

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I cant say this to yoy so i'll just say it here. First, this is not a love letter.  I just want that to be clear.

In the last few months, you were a companion. Someone, i can talk to when i feel down, or bored, or frisky. 

In the last few weeks, ever since the universe has spoken and the possibility has become improbable, you have also lost your interest.

Maybe it is because of the struggles you are facing now. Or maybe it is because there is nothing in it for you.

Today, i felt sick and down. I find myself sending you a message but i didn't. I stopped. Because i didn't want to be a bother.  Instead, i deleted our conversation. Maybe next time, I'll just block you.

Today, I feel like I lost a friend. And yes, I've set fire to the bridge. I do like to burn them. I never liked being where im not needed nor wanted.

If it turns out im wrong, them i will build another bridge. Im very seldom wrong with these things. 

Anyway, take care. Don't let life stress you out and I do hope things work out for you, in all aspects of your life.

Lastly, I hope you don't allow yourself to get duped again.  

Thank you.



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