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Career Choices: Money Or Passion?


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Not all enjoyable activities are monetizable. If you're lucky, what ever it is your doing could earn you money. Then your question is answered.

Or, you can scan all monetizable activities, pick one that you think will be tolerable to you. And then teach yourself to love that activity.

But then all enjoyable activities will be done by more people, pay will be minimal, supply and demand rule.

If you're uniquely good at an enjoyable monetizable activity then thats what were all looking for.

Xgames athlete, astronaut, youtuber, model, etc.

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I would money.  Unfortunately, money does get things moving. 

Consider yourself lucky if you can make.money out of your passion. 

If we are being idealistic, we should choose passion. Realistically, choose money.

Then make enough money to pursue your passion, if you still have the time. 


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I choose money because I didn't have a choice. While my relatives are rich, they never really extend their hands to help in a way that we would really be on par with them and that's fine since I feel that it shouldn't be that way anyways. I try to think about it in a way that maybe I can fulfill my passion as I get older but it doesn't really work like that at least for my end. I feel like as I work through the years, the passion fades and I feel like it's not what I truly wanted anymore. The years of pursuing money just felt empty for me and I feel like I have nowhere to go if I leave work and it turned out that way when I left work last year. I couldn't get myself motivate to work in the industry that I never had any interest to begin with anymore and when I try to pursue my passion, I ended up not even given a change to prove myself. Sigh... I'm still trying despite all the rejection but I might loose my confidence in time if the rejections are persistent. 

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