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  1. They say you can explain a color to a blind person based on feeling the color gives you. But as quoted by Neil deGrasse Tyson Neil deGrasse Tyson So our primitive senses will not be enough to comprehend if lets say "God" appears in front of us, If there is indeed one.
  2. Its so flexible that you have Catholicism, Christianity, Protestants, etc... But they all believe in one God, I am not sure though if they have the same bible versions. And they still bicker each other whose version of worship is the correct one. In the other religion if you reject, i think depending on the law they are following. Yes you are punishable by death. I guess my interpretation why they "switch" is because of the term "Attack on my Faith" That faith is the base or cornerstone of their individuality. Question and take that away, and it will crumble.
  3. Hi @Do Better, yes I am one. Family on both sides (Father and Mother) are all religious. I did try to believe specially during my elem to hs years. Heck I even went to a catholic college with a theology class every semester. But it really does not make sense to me. (Maybe because its meant to be that way?) When I asked the question to them, why should I believe in "God" you will never get a logical answer. Usually it is for my "salvation", salvation for what? Many are already suffering, is God going to intervene to those who really need help? Right now only those who are helping are the o
  4. The "Ayuda System" may even cause spikes on places where they require them to go to a specified place and line up by the hundreds if not thousands to get the max 4k financial help. Our family was not listed, not gonna complain as our jobs were stable even in this pandemic. But... How are they choosing who to get? I have colleagues with wages higher than mine but they are getting Ayuda from the Govt.
  5. Be more confident about yourself and values. Never compromise just to be liked, and talk a bit more
  6. When my close friend got married, I was setup(always) to get the garter from one of the setup maidens on the bride's side. I bought a new pair of shoes for that day since I always wear sneakers. Then I kneeled in front of the girl, everybody saw the pricetag 😅
  7. Used to play, but the atmosphere now of the game even not in rank mode is too toxic for my middle aged self haha. Na invite ako minsan at sinabi ko na kanila na i was not able to update and play for years. Pero pinag mumura pa rin nila ako sa laro because im a noob hahaha
  8. I love the setting and story of "The Expanse"
  9. Used to run in UP during weekends or at night time during weekdays after working from home 🏃‍♂️
  10. I miss swimming.. doing some laps in the pool and just freely swimming in salty waters 🏊‍♀️
  11. Not a sole Breadwinner, but more than 60% of our every month expenses for our home ang toka ko. Still thankful that we can still live in comfort, pero minsan naiisip ko na mukhang kaya ko na bumukod para talagang masanay na ko maging independent. Kaso lang paano naman yung maiiwan...
  12. "Break na kami at may GF na sya" (Pero nag uusap pa rin sila kasi "Friends" sila
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