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About this blog

Just a repository of my thoughts, rants, raves, and hopefully brilliant moments. 

But mostly rants.

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Another ordinary day

Today, i turn 40. Yet it feels like another ordinary day. No plans. No celebration. It has been like this for more than a decade now.  I wish i can have one birthday where my year and life is celebrated. Im so tired of always taking the backseat.


Viola in Musings


Eleven days in to 2022 and Im also on day 11 of my quarantine. Yes, I tested positive for that dreadful COVID, along with the rest of my family.  What a way to start the year huh? I hope this is the worst of 2022 because the end of 2021 hasn't been too good to my heart.   My heart was broken during the holidays. This time around, I won't wait anymore. 


Viola in Rants

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