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  1. Already having a bad day at 6am. I know it'll be a bad day as soon as i woke up. I wanted to send you a message to let you know that im not doing well. But i stopped because im not allowed to do that anymore. I guess, i'll just try make things better.
  2. Well Monday again... back to the daily grind. 

  3. Taste testing different coffee blends for my soon to be later launched coffee business. Now on my 2nd cup.

  4. Starting a coffee business so im trying the different roasts. Yes its in a tea bag. For now.. it'll be in individual foil packages soon. But let me just enjoy this coffee and make my assessment. I should have my final products by october. This blend is earthy and has a slight chocolately taste. I like it.
  5. I survived this week.... Next week uli. One day at a time...
  6. Still cant focus on work. Its been like this for a week now. I need to get grounded...

  7. I forgot there is no dine in yet.. so as much as i want to drink this. I have to wait until im home...
  8. Cant focus on work. Anybody who can chat?

  9. Gusto ko pumunta ng Baguio.. sino kaya pwede isama "as a friend"

  10. So im thinking of getting a pag-ibig house loan. The problem is, the land title is under my aunt's name and it is for a larger land size than the lot my house is built on. For context, this lot was an inheritance from my grandfather to his 9 kids. While he was alive, he equally divided the lot and built houses on each lot section and gave the houses to his kids. But to make things simple, the land title was transferred under the name of two of my aunts as they are the two eldest of the 9 siblings. None of the 9 siblings want to legally divide the land so they could all have their own titles. They said it is too complicated. Me and my cousins are willing but we cant do anything because the lot is not ours. But because of this situation, am i eligible to get a pag-ibig loan? I want to renovate this house.
  11. My work meetings got cancelled today. So i decided to organize my work table. And then proceeded with cleaning my room, my closet. Changing the bed sheets too. It is so refreshing to be sleeping in a clean room with clean sheets. Also tried a new body wash, lavender scent. So im pretty sure my sleep would be great tonight.
  12. Woke up, organized my workstation, cleaned my room,  reorganized my closet, changed the bed sheets, took a shower. I had a good day. Now im having chamomile tea while air drying my hair and getting ready for bed. Good day. 

  13. How am i gonna eat this???


  14. Is it odd that i want to be wrapped in someone's arms, snuggle close to him and sleep, yet i dont feel anything romantic nor sexual towards him? 

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