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  1. Headache, high fever and body pains. This vax dose hit me hard. And then deadlines for tomorrow. Need to work. Need to rest.

    1. Nightwriter


      @Sofia take care always, Sofia. 


  2. Feeling the vaccine's side effects now... I feel like sh*t. I need lambing...

  3. I'd like to stay in bed. Preferably with someone's arms wrapped around me. But im alone and work is piling up. I should get coffee and haul myself out if bed. 

  4. This life effing sucks.

  5. Tonight, i've set up my cryptowallet... First time to dabble into crypto. But the first step is done..now, i need to study

  6. Re-watching Kingdom because i cant sleep

    1. Pepelito


      Watched it also. Bitin no? 

    2. Sofia


      Yes. I watched ashin of fhe north first.. then rewatched kingdom.  

  7. I just started to nap since ive only had a few hours of sleep last night. Immediately the dream started. Im sure i have seen a movie with a similar premise. In this dream, i am not an active participant. It is as if im watching a movie. There were a group of folks running around the hospital being chased by various monsters and ghosts. The first one was a ghost with a bloody hospital robe. You will die when he touches you and end up with bloody clothes like him. So this group ran and ran and got in an elevator. For now they are saved. But when the elevator went up and stopped at a certain floor.. they were greeted by a monster that stabbed them. The next scene. It was as if the monsters noticed the audience and faced the camera. This monster smiled and reached out hand. It was beckoning.. and i reached for its hands knowing i will be devoured.
  8. I didnt know we have this thread. My dreams have always been vivid and weird. I'll probably post here in a lot. I had a dreamless night last night though.
  9. Im not working in the science field now... But i've always been interested in how things work. I was a bookworm even when i was still a kid. Read a lot of books instead of playing outside. I loved math and logic. In 4th grade, we were introduced to spaghetti programming. I forgot what it was, but more likely it was lotus 1,2,3. I loved it. For my final project, i created a text-based "encyclopedia" of the solar system. Basically, i have 28 books, all about the solar system programmed some sort of wiki so they can navigate through the content that i copied from the 28 books. I felt so mature compared to my classmates. I was also friends with the librarian that she allowed me to take home more books that what was allowed In high school, we also had our version of a programming class. If i remember things correctly, it was turbo pascal. I loved it. I even got an award as best in programming come graduation. With my love of math, logic and coding, i naturally ended up in an computer engineering course. I loved my engineering mechanics. I loved logic gates and creating diagrams that would lead to my expected output and finally creating the circuit that would make it my diagrams tangible. I loved all of it. Unfortunately, i got sidetracked and ended up in the BPO industry. Stayed there for 11years before i decided, i need something closer to what i love doing. A couple of years ago, I found out about a scholarship for data science. I applied with no hesitation and got in. Now, im in data analytics. Doing the things i love. Coding and crunching numbers.
  10. Feeling sick again. Bad headache and weakness of limbs. 

    1. Nairobi


      Awww take multi vitamins and hot soup.❤️

    2. Sofia


      I figured i need vitamins. I dont take any. I had noodles and dumplings for lunch. The weather is playing tricks with my old body.

    3. Lakyeme


      Pagaling kapo

  11. Alone again, naturally. 

  12. Woke up from a nightmare.  I wish i can cuddle next to someone and calm my nerves. 

    There's really something comforting when enveloped in a tight embrace. 

    Oh well, since i cant go back to sleep now, i'll just put in some work. 

  13. Being on a no rice diet is much harder than i think. When my body automatically reaches for the rice when it is time to eat. I failed during lunch. I was already halfway through lunch before i realized i was eating rice. I succeeded this dinner. I will try again tomorrow and be more intentful. 

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