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  1. Hang in there. There’s truth to the saying “life is a wheel that goes round and round, sometimes your up, sometimes your down” all we have to do is hold our breath when we’re down and wish that soon we will be up 🙂
  2. Last night I was part of an Elon Musk team that went to another country for business talks. The team was with Musk having breakfast. I decided to head back to rooms to poop. Since Musks room was nearer I used his toilet. Amazingly he was needing to go to toilet too! So we had to swap rooms! He was not disappointed at all. And we laughed and talked until lunch time. What a dream! Musk told me he couldn’t find his favorite belt, given by a president many many years ago.
  3. Waiting for touchdown, so excited with the new rover and helicopter.
  4. VPN or Virtual Private Network allows users to access country specific blocked content. You connect to websites through a special connection provided by your VPN of choice. As a side effect you become anonymous since your IP will appear to be different from your real IP. Like in this forum for example. When you login to Stars! your IP is recorded (every website records your IP even FB and Google and Apple). Your IP can be traced in coordination with your Internet Provider. It's a long tedious legal process but they can trace your address if they really want to. Remember, that your Internet Pro
  5. There will be a separate "internet" not connected to the current internet we are in right now. It will be similar to the current Starlink. There will be no Facebook or Google email. There will be an iPhone Mars Edition that will connect to Starlink Mars. They might call the internet system Marslink.
  6. We’re getting close. In China they cloned a monkey, 6 pregnancies in 420 attempts.
  7. Elon Musk: Big rewards require great risks. Optimize your answers to wrong questions. You goal is to make your answers less wrong every time you make a mistake. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.
  8. Mars

    Hi Bella! Beautiful pics!

  9. 13 hours ago * Blue Origin NS-14 Launch and Landing! Bakit kaya tuwang tuwa ako? Space nerd 🙂
  10. Alangan namang magpuyat nanaman ako maghintay lumipad ang Spaceship.

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