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What did I just watched?!


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Since this is my topic, let me share 2 movies that made me utter the words; What! The! F*ck?!

First one would be The Mist. A movie adaptation from the book Stephen King's The Mist. No, I haven't read the book, so I can't comment if the story was that good to have the movie adaptation. The reason why it's on the list, the ending of the movie. SPOILER ALERT! They killed themselves by blowing their brains out. Also, they even included the kid with their brilliant idea. Why did they shoot themselves? Because of a rumbling sound that they heard, and though to themselves that those were monsters that are coming to get them. But no, those were the army coming to save any survivors. So yeah, WTF?!


Second movie on my list, Shōjo Tsubaki (少女椿) "The Camellia Girl". It's an OVA base from the manga with the same title. Saw the OVA (Original Video Animation), because of some TikTok challenge. Also saw some reaction videos from YT, and I was intrigued by their reviews. Red flag, the anime was banned in Japan. Considered one of the most controversial pieces of Anime due to the story and some of the scenes. Not for the faint hearted. Some of the scenes will really either give you either depression or make you barf. That's the only description I can provide, but my words aren't enough to describe how weird the OVA was. It's not as scary as Junji Ito's work, but damn it will drag you down the rabbit hole. I did appreciate the art style. Classic animation, it's as if it was ripped out of the manga and they gave it life.  Knowing that the whole OVA was f*ed up, a director named TORICO decided to do a live-action adaptation of it. Also, don't watch this with the hope that it'll get better at the end. NO! It's depression turned into anime. I don't suggest the movie, but if you're really curious about the story, it's available on YouTube. Just don't blame me if it left a bad taste after watching it.


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Bryan Cranston's Breaking Bad to Showtime ' Your Honor'

The best appearance to date from Bryan Cranston would probably be the Super Bowl. Last year, Mountain Dew dragged in Bryan Cranston from vaca and got a 40 seconder - playing Jack Torrance and the creepy twins too.


Everyone loves the Dew, the Kansas City Chiefs won after 50 years of being a dud of a team .everybody relishes on Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad and the series currently showing on Showtime entitled " Your Honor" would probably earn him another Emmy yet! 


The deal of this show is that it tackles with a Judge from New Orleans would do anything to save his son from going to prison, the kid accidentally rowed a motorcycle  rider with his ancient station wagon one fine day, later on, both of them realized that the  victim is the son of a violent mobster.

This show has a lot of twists abound as i held my warm blanket and cold feet watching Bryan's lines on his forehead giving birth to one after another. It's gripping, It's Terrific! 





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I subscribed to amazon prime videos... I saw an amazon original titled "jean claude van johnson".


Basically it is van damme poking fun at himself...the premise is , what if van damme was really a black ops agent and him being a "superstar" is just a front. When he shoots his movies on location, that is because he has a mission in that country.


I watched the first two episodes and it was good fun... I don't think I can watch another cheesy episode though. 

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