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Your Message to the "One That Got Away"

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On 1/30/2021 at 4:19 PM, Unwritten said:

Baby Jean, my pearl, that  last time we parted and you held my hand tight and seemingly asking me to stop you from getting in the car and drive away.  I should have not let  go and instead pulled you close to me to be never ever be apart.

If you read this, first love rarely becomes the one you spend your lifetime with, but what they say is true... It never dies. 


Baby Jean, you just had your birthday a few days ago and like we always joke about - that each year, you turn 4-ever young. 😄

Wishing you are at the happiest point in your life. Miss you so much... 😞  

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  • Do Better changed the title to Your Message to the "One That Got Away"
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i can not even tell when I am going to see you again.. I don't know what it is there for me to have this interest of still loving you knowing we won't see each other?

but i feel good.. that is selfish but i feel good knowing i love a kind hearted you with  beautiful mind. 

so, if we see each other in this lifetime again.. that will be a bonus.. if not.. then i can die knowing i feel what loving and love is... love that empowers

painful maybe. but a justified love nonetheless.. a just love, a just pain (compared to unjust love and unjust pain)


i just wish you didn't let me go, til then in our next lifetime..come and find me.





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Up until now, I still don’t know how you managed to take over me — my mind and my heart. It was unexpected to meet and fall in love with you. You gave me this feeling that no one else had ever made me feel.

Who would have thought that you’ll love someone like me?

I’m this forgotten star, this abandoned building, the girl who has fire and storm in her heart. But, the moment you came, you kissed my bruised knees and I felt gravity pulled me towards a feeling that never existed before.

Love. It is beautiful and reckless. However, we’re no excuse in this unruly world we live in. The circle of our forever didn’t last that long as we thought.

Let me be honest for the last time. There are still moments when everything I see reminds me of you. And I feel like the knot of air in my throat expands until it doesn’t feel like breathing.

Whenever our memories came rushing back to me, I let my mind run wild; feeling every bit of love I thought was gone. I always wonder if you think about me. I wonder if you’re happy, happy without me.

I love you.

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