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Originally posted by in_style on 01 May 2004 - 12:13 PM

joy.... happiness... blessings... graces... gratitude...
however u wanna call it! its the stuff that makes us smile and see the world in full color.

from the moment you open your eyes in the morning till the time you head for bed at nite (or vice versa), there's so much to be thankful for.

this thread hopes to share our joys and bless someone with our experiences - from the simplest things like a good weather or an sms from someone special to the biggest possible events in your life like winning the lottery or havin' a baby!

i am hoping that this thread will inspire each one of us. perhaps, it can help us remember that in every door that closes, a window opens. no matter how difficult times are, we will go on and come out better and stronger.

inspire someone.... and be inspired too! 

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I almost died when I was 20 because of drugs.  I managed to recover with the help of Campus Crusades folks who are born again Christians.  In 2013, to thank God for saving me, I first walked the Camino de Santiago, a religious pilgrimage in Spain.  I have returned 4 more times since then and hope to do it again when the pandemic is over.

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On 1/29/2021 at 12:02 AM, Nightwriter said:

Dear Papa.

Thank you for raising me even if you’re not my biological father.

I don’t know if you’d be shocked in knowing that i’m not yours but you certainly made a huge impact in my life. Despite of Mama’s drama overtures and complicit accusations, you’ve decided to leave her and you took me with you. 

You died 20 years ago.  I was on my own, your voice resonated in my head - and it made me through tough times. Little did i learned that secrets were unfolding right before me.

I received a card a few years ago that i have to come home and attend a funeral. It was at a big funeral place on Mindanao Avenue where the rich people have theirs. The person who died was an old family friend who i’ve  worked  for when i was a teen.

Remember him, Papa? he told Grandma that i should work during the summer break? i was very keen of having 1200 pesos a month, not bad for a kid who doesn’t know much about Excel but the work ethic is good and learned to value currency and savings.  Later on my 18 birthday and on my 1st semester in college - he bought me a present - it was a small expensive watch.

I declined the gift and was confused about his intentions and he understood my hesitation. He put the watch in his pocket and then i could hardly remember afterwards. 

As i stepped out of the car, in front of the grand place. The whole building was well lighted and the smell of burning incense was as rancid as the Pasig river made me dizzy. I got the room number and i entered the door and as I stepped in, all the people who i’ve worked with in my teen years hugged me and shaked my hand.

There were strange people who took my hand and made me sit with them. They asked about my flight and i said it was long. How’s my life working for the ‘brewery’ and i said good. The strange people were his 3 sons - all Doctors. First time i’ve seen his boys.

” We’ve decided to return this to you” one of them exclaimed and handed the watch.

” I didn’t know he kept it afterall these years!, it must be 20 years since i’ve seen this!” i gasped and smiled as i held it in my hand.

” We never expect you’d turn down the rolex but Dad always reminded us about that moment you turned it down”.

” we’re actually wondering why you did, Kat..”.

“ I was too young to have an extravagant gift.” i replied.

” But did you look at the back of it?”.

- No.

Then i looked at the back and there were words engraved.

My eyes got big and about to swallow a huge lump of spit.

Then i read :

’ to my only daughter, I love you always, Dad’.




Great story.  Thanks for sharing it.

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