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  1. What matters is that they are holistically mature both as a couple. Mature physically, mentally, spiritually and financially to start a family of their own.
  2. Money, as not all passion have any monetary value. So the goal is to be financially free, so you can pursue your passion for free.
  3. Business owner and a business consultant/coach on the side.
  4. Looking for investors for raw material importation distribution company. We're accepting a minimum of 100k and above investment. Message me if interested.
  5. These products are prescription drugs and are not long term solutions. Also these are only recommended for diabetic type 2 patients. The best way to loss weight is still eating a balanced diet and exercising daily. If one is having difficulty committing to that program, then try using meal replacement programs. It's what elite athletes are using to stay fit and healthy. Personally I have tried Nutrimeal meal replacement reset program and it does help.
  6. As doctors would always say eating a balanced diet and exercise daily is the only secret for a healthy life. By principle it's simple, but by practice nearly everyone can't truly follow eating healthy and exercising everyday. Due to time and finances, even I can't do it. That why I take high quality supplements to support what I lack in my diet. My family and I take Usana supplements. Hope this helps. 😀
  7. Eat a balanced diet Exercise Hydrate Celavive skincare products
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