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  1. Rainy season feels... I always enjoy these kind of views over at the window.
  2. During a walk at the back area of CCP Complex for a dose of sunset. It was a random shot.
  3. Whenever I'll trip while walking. Happened several times and my friends are so aware of it. Whenever I'd post in my FB the status of, "I conquered (name of the place).", they know already that I tripped again. But one thing I hate about it were those incidents when I was wearing a dress. Sheesshhh...
  4. sOin2you

    I Love BTS!

    I'm just so fond of their Mic Drop
  5. Kathang Isip and Sana Wait, unahin muna yung It's All Coming Back to Me Now tapos yan na 😂
  6. Easy to make Potato Pizza with toppings of this and that, (means whatever is stored in the ref). 😂
  7. Took this photo as we were heading back to Manila from a short visit in Subic. How I miss this short trips...
  8. I'm fond of watching the sunset and taking photos of the sunset. Most specially if there's high contrast in the colors. This photo is from my collection of Sunset Silhouettes.
  9. 1. Cry if you must. Shout and curse if you want to. Let it all out... But never invite an alcohol in. It will always be a temporary getaway when you get an alcohol involved. 2. Take a breather. Isolate yourself or hibernate for a while. It will help to clear dark clouds hovering over you. Maybe this is a chance to discover new things you've held yourself back from doing before. It's your road to take now, so enjoy! 3. The trimester of it will always be the hardest part. You're just starting to pick up the pieces and have no idea how or where to start. If you're taking months and years, so be it. Because what's important is you bouncing back being all try to yourself. There are others out there who'd fake their recoveries and these are risky ones. Usually they get themselves involved with a new relationship with another person without having really crossed the other side of the bridge, and they end up hurting that person in the process because there's the stigma of the past. 4. Self preservation. This is one thing I'd always, and always, remind my friends and myself. It's a process, and may take long, but the result is very much rewarding. As you take your time doing this, you also surround yourself with more positive vibes, and begin caring and loving your self all the more. You will even encounter self discoveries, those uncharted regions within you. 5. Don't be afraid. It's your story to write anyway. A. Don't be afraid to take a step on your own. B. Don't be afraid to watch a movie all by yourself C. Don't be afraid to dine by yourself. D. Don't be afraid to travel the world by yourself. And you'll be surprised as to how you'd blossom to another kind of flower. You'll normally exude this beautiful aura that is noticeable. And by then, maybe it's time to take on another chapter...
  10. Apir! LOL. Always in my list. Oh, (not the burger, try their Sriracha Lime Wings.
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