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  1. Movies Thread Ideas:

    Unforgettable  Childhood Movies - Tell The Story How You Were Able to Watch It
    Memorized Movie Lines
    The State of Philippine Cinema and TV
    Movie Review Thread
    Promote Your Short Film Here thread.

  2. Music:

    LSS - Last Song Syndrome
    Songs and Singers that Made You Cry
    What Song Best Describe How You Feel Today?
    Your Favorite FM Radio Station, Past and Present
    Open Mic - Share Your Song Covers

  3. Academe Universities:

    WIkipedia: Who has an account?

  4. Tech and Gadgets:

    What's The Latest Gadgets You Bought?
    LIST: Banned/Blocked Websites/Apps in Your Company - (Company Names Included)
    Have you Googled Yourself? How was it?
    Post Your Speedtest.net - Are You Satisfied With Your ISP?
    LIST: Unforgettable WiFi Names
    IT People Funny Conversations With Non-IT
    Insider Info: PLDT Connection Status (Connection Speed Forecast)
    Insider Info: Exclusive Firsthand Tech News
    All About 3D Printers


  5. Topic Idea: What is Your Health Secret?

  6. Topic Idea: Upload Your Workout Video

  7. Topic Idea: Will You Have Liposuction If You Have  The Money

  8. Topic ideas: Games, Who are your gaming world (developers and creators) heroes?

  9. thread Idea: Games, Do you cheat in games?

  10. Topic Idea: The State of Filipino Mental Health?

  11. Topic idea: Gaming, What is Your High Score?

  12. Topic Idea: Most Extreme Trials In Your Life

  13. Topic Idea: Most Embarrassing Thing You Did 

  14. Topic Idea: The "I Quit Drinking" Club

  15. Topic Idea: Why are Fat People Sensitive?

  16. Topic Idea: Living Abroad vs Living in the Philippines

  17. Topic idea. What do you collect. Please under hobbies section.

  18. Thread idea: I hate to admit that im a: Taylor Swift fan

  19. Happy weekend everyone!

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