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  1. Bright side up! Hello Sky! Kumusta ka na? Ok na operation mo? Welcome back 👍 dami ka fans dito sa Stars!
  2. Read this from the internet. Cut and paste. Western media has largely fueled the notion that being young is everything. In many respects that may be true, but not in every respect. Reaching 40 is a significant milestone, and in some cases a dreaded one. Nobody relishes getting older, yet, if you’re lucky it is assured. You are considered a member of the “middle aged” group and this comes as a shock because “they” were always that other group. You become profoundly aware of your mortality. You take stock of your life and often you’re disappointed; you expected to have achieved more or
  3. Do, will be "locking" MTC for a few hours this Friday. Heads up!

    1. Dodo


      Ok.  Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Bright side up tomatoes. Kulang na lang tropical music, Boracay resort na ang feels. Hahaha I miss that place 🏝
  5. Twitter will suspend accounts that post wrong info about covid19. They will start the ban starting today. Twitter said they will use automated AI filters to tell if a tweet is false info. Users will be given 5 strikes before accounts get deleted.
  6. Did your parents give any thoughts about your given name? Do you like it? Why do you think the internet invented “screen names”?
  7. Alam mo ba kung bakit ang bagal mag load ang Manilatonight?  Stars walang problema.   I think it started yesterday.

    1. Do Good Things

      Do Good Things

      @Dodo Maybe its was the banner ads slowing it down. Still experimenting which ad network is best. I usually change it after 24 hours. Please give me feedback today. I removed all banners, except for the Stars banner. Thanks for the feedback Do!

    2. Dodo


      Working better now.  Thanks for fixing.

  8. Only 20% of Filipino workers are willing to be vaccinated by the Sinovac. Sigh. Lumalabas nanaman ang "dahilan" mentality ng masang Filipino. Kung gusto, may paraan. Kung ayaw, may dahilan. AYAW BUMALIK SA TRABAHO! (This comment is for people who rely on SAP. If you work, then this comment is not for you) 🙂
  9. Home-made is the best kind of food. Keep it going 🙂 STAY FIT KHALEESI!
  10. NASA just flawlessly landed on Mars. Meanwhile back in Manila... miscommunication between similar agencies is still happening.

  11. Hi Aorie! This is me 🙂

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    2. Dodo


      Hi din.  Great photo and nice smile.

    3. Jhongnavarro


      Pretty indeed. 

    4. Aorie


      Hello there♥♥♥

  12. Hi Hubsandswitches welcome to Stars! 

  13. Come up with a manifesto of A Good Filipino

  14. Most people are on Netflix, sedated. 

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