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  1. Try exchanging them via 7-11. Though I'm not sure if they can give you 20k in bills. Biggest exchange I've done with them was 2,500 (1s, 5s, and 10s). If you really wanna get them in 1 go, try other banks like China Bank. Didn't asked me any questions. Though they'd really appreciate it if the coins are bundled by 10s (not taped, bagged).
  2. Good taste! Lol! The only Gantz I've watched was the Live Action movie, though the anime's definitley on my watch list.
  3. Nothing beats the Ending song Roundabout (next to Walk like an Egyptian by The Bangles and I Want You by Savage Garden). Yes, is an awesome prog band. Imma give it to Dio. For a villain, he's just extra. I love that about him. From the 1st chapter until Stardust. Honorable mentions: Speedwagon - For being the Joestar's best boi. Iggy - for being a cute boston terrier Giorno - For his resolve and Giorno's theme How 'bout you @Nightwriter?
  4. Which season's your favorite? Mine's Stardust Crusaders. Most memed season. Plus, Dio. Love the Dio and Jotaro fight. I love how Araki uses rock bands/artist for the name's of the characters and stands. Can't wait for Stone Ocean feat. Jolyne
  5. おはよう世界!

  6. Weekend plan: binge watch Diamond is Unbreakable, Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan, then Golden Wind.
  7. Never again will I order this. This sad excuse for a limited time menu item.
  8. Fixing the audio output of my laptop! Realized that I just had to rollback to ver. 2.82. I can now use my headphones and IEMs on my laptop!
  9. As the clock strikes 12, hunger has struck! We feast on this pie like beasts! 


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      @C.Unicron what resto is this? looks delish!

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