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Preparing kids for Mars by educating the parents today.
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  2. Dear Elon Musk, I'm sure you've probably watched a Miss Universe Pageant once in your life. And probably observed that Filipinos are genetically beautiful. Can you save the Filipinos a seat on Starship please? Make Mars beautiful!
  3. Contents here will be submitted to Elon Musk, so make it count! 🙂 So, what is a Filipino? Wikipedia has that covered. Is there a need to bring the Filipino culture to Mars? What for? Does humanity need a brown skinned, medium-sized humanoid? What are Filipinos good at? What unique Filipino culture/trait will help humans as whole progress in Mars and beyond? Or, are Filipinos just good for the Martian Preserve? The Martian Preserve is a concept I just thought of now. Similar to how humans protect endangered species in Madagascar. In Mars there will be a protected area where different human races of the world will be kept... for historical purposes and needed experiments. Like in zoos where we see pandas kept with bamboos, the Filipinos will be kept in a place with wifi, and given mobile phones loaded with social media apps. This club aims to prevent this dystopia. Let's put our minds together. Let's write down the reasons why our culture and our descendants should make it to Mars as a respected functional Martian. Define the Filipino.
  4. Grandparents of the People of Mars, Going to Mars is a generational effort. On your shoulders is the person who carries on their shoulders the Martians from the Philippines. If it's not us, who will make sure that our culture makes it to Mars? Send Filipinos to Mars to continue the Filipino heritage. It starts with you.
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