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  2. Why does school assume every student has a good relationship with their family?

    1. Tambay ng Congress

      Tambay ng Congress

      All institutions assume a neutral baseline. Anything worst than baseline is no longer supported. Cellphones assume you know basics of how to use it.

  3. “growing up” under capitalism is basically a process of unlearning empathy. 

  4. Lack of communication leaves too much room for imagination

    1. Ice


      Haha. Now I know why.

    2. MandyOffDuty


      Now you know 😂

  5. Sino na naman kayang friend ng pamahalaan ang kikita sa car seat law?

  6. Law of Attraction: Financially stable, happy heart, peace of mind and unexpected blessings

  7. The term "influencer" in social media is getting pretty annoying. Some of those self proclaimed influencers do nothing but do stupid stuff in public just for clout, some even go an extra mile by risking other people's lives and jobs.

    1. Ice


      I agree. Craziness sells on the internet. 

  8. People are trying to go to Mars while there are still plenty of people who don't have access to water.

    1. Do Better

      Do Better

      I sure hope your comment meant they launched something. I’ve been waiting for weeks!

    2. Nightwriter


      The zillionaires who spent money on rockets don’t pay tax payer’s money on it. With regards to the water : blame your local town Mayor for that or the Governor.

  9. Di hamak na mas takot akong maging DDS yung anak ko kesa maging aktibista. Kadiri kaya mga dds parang di tinubuan ng utak.

  10. You have to draw a line, at ipaintindi sa kanila kung hanggang saan mo lang sila pwedeng tulungan. At hindi pwedeng all time lagi mo sila tutulungan. At kailangan maintindihan nila yun. Kasi kahit married ka na & you have your own family sayo at sayo pa rin sila tatakbo. Ready ba ang babae na papakasalan mo sa ganung sitwasyon? It's not about being madamot but it's for them to realize na hindi lahat dapat akuin mo especially dun sa situation ng sister mo. Which is in the future alam kong ayaw mong gumaya sa iba na ginagawang retirement plan ang anak. God bless you & sana magkaroon ka ng courage na masabi at mapaintindi sa kanila yung hinaing mo :)
  11. “Once COVID is over” is starting to sound a lot like “When I win the lottery.”

    1. Unwritten


      More than the vaccine... perhaps the big pharma companies need to work on a "Common sense" pill. I bet there won't be a thousand words long fine print of warnings, precautions, and contraindications. 🙂

  12. In the eyes of this government, we're all just drug users and communists. 

  13. The only ex i miss is ex-tra money

  14. Tingin ko sa buong mundo, Pinoy ang pinaka hindi choosy. Pinaka hindi demanding. Kaya nga laging nabibiktima tuwing eleksyon. So beke nemen pwede tayong maging choosy paminsan-minsan, especially when health is at stake. #bechoosy

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