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  1. I like the quite aura here🙂

  2. You know your country is in deep shit when they prefer Robin Padilla over Chel Diokno. 🤮🤮🤮

  3. why, in 2021, are we still asking women if they can balance family and work when we never ask this of men

    1. Deus_1nterfectorem


      Because by default men and women have different duties in a Traditional Family system.

    2. Nightwriter


      @MandyOffDutyWe will ask them that question when they win custody of children half of the time in divorce cases. My five cents but the guy above me got the best answer. @Deus_1nterfectorem

    3. Viola


      I just saw the Miss World Q&A video. Im still shaking my head. 

  4. Your mid 20’s is basically you just fighting for your life every morning

  5. dear good old days, pls come back 🙂

  6. Everyone has the same 24hrs, not the same lives, be mindful.

  7. Sana yung sahod ng healthcare workers yung tumataas at hindi yung cases. 

  8. If dying from COVID doesn’t scare you, the hospital bill will. Get vaccinated.

  9. Y’all remember when principals used to sit in our classes & our teachers became fake nice af for a day lol

  10. Adults can't handle the truth so they call it disrespect.

  11. Sobrang nakaka affect na talaga ng mental health itong pandemic na to noh? Hindi ka maka unwind, hindi ka maka gala, tapos parang wala nang work-life balance. Parang nablur na ang boundary ng trabaho. Hay pilipinas when kaya tayo matatapos sa kaka sana all???

  12. Sick of working!!!! I want to become really gorgeous and unemployed. No job just being gorgeous and having fun

    1. PanDuhh


      Amen! Except for the gorgeous part (requires divine intervention). Have fun and eat, that's the dream life.

    2. Pretty sachi san
  13. Sorry for being poor.

    1. Do Better

      Do Better

      Let me rephrase that for you, Manila style... tao lang po. (galit) sorry na! (galit pa din)

  14. It’s embarrassing eating w/people that are rude to the server

  15. Bakit tuwing may kalamidad hingi kaagad ng donation sa madlang bayan, na hirap na rin? May gobyerno ba tayo?

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