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  1. What turns you on?😋

    1. Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Being bound and helpless.

    2. Khaleesi


      Thats easy

  2. Go Rabiya! 🇵🇭Live now🇵🇭

  3. Girls what would be the first  thing

    you would do if you wake up as a boy

    one fine morning.😋

    1. H-O-N-E-Y


      I'll probably scream. That'll be creepy sis. 😂

    2. Khaleesi


      Yes sis haha

    3. Nightwriter

    Aha.. i wonder if im gonna wax today or next month haha

  5. who felt that earthquake ?😳

    1. Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Sa sobrang manhid ko, hindi ko na siya naramdaman. 😛 Kidding aside though, hope everybody's safe. 

  6. I cant believe what my neighbor did  this morning 😳😱

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. phlip24
    3. Nightwriter
    4. Viola


      Also curious... We need some juicy tsismis in our lives

  7. i got home today and realized just how much rely on my bra to hold things. 😂😂

    i had my phone,my keys, my card and two receipts in there. Hahaha

    1. Alteregoko


      Wow! It doesn’t get uncomfortable?

  8. im so tired today, i have the energy of wilted lettuce 😚

  9. Happy

    mothers day to all beautiful mom❤️

  10. Definitely true lol


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