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  1. Hi there, can you post a list of top 10 bloggers in manila can you also post top 10 Youtubers in manila.
  2. I’ve seen your video on YouTube and they look fantastic! I can’t remember the channel name. Keep sharing!
  3. Your underwater photos look amazing! Is this a 360 camera? GoPro Max?
  4. Can you post pictures of the box? How much is this in the Philippines did you buy this from Shangri-La?
  5. The bottle design reminds me of pineapples. Nice photos by the way.
  6. Mods can access offline board Mods are not auto promoted Mods SEARCH flood control UNLIMITED Mods cant be IGNORED Mods Storage unli Mods limit per upload 500Mb Mods profile photo limit 5mb (3,000 pix) Mods cover photo size 10mb Conversations allowed to start per day = unli Conversations allowed to start per minute = unli Maximum recipients per conversation = 10 Conversation storage quota = unli Override recipients' storage quota? YES (Can send PM even when recipient is full) Maximum number of blogs = unli
  7. WORKING - 2020 November 18 - validation email
  8. A new President! You think this will be good for Pinoys in the USA?
  9. Things done Made a logo using Wix.com - 2020 November 15 Installed the Blog Application - 2020 November 16 Added Categories for Blogs -2020 November 17 Created accounts - 2020 November 17 Installed Pixabay - 2020 November 17 Installed Giphy - 2020 November 17
  10. Registered initial accounts
  11. Created Things To Do In The Philippines Subsections.
  12. Created Top Destinations In The Philippines Subsections.
  13. Created More Fun In The Philippines Main Sections
  14. Created MSC logo using WIx.com. I don't have Photoshop
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