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  1. So he finally labelled your relationship but plot twist, he still thinks about his ex and he says you sometimes reminds him of his ex too. 

    Should you stay in the relationship or go?

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    2. Nightwriter


      Hun, I think he's probably thinking all the good things that he had with this girl but you can't be HER by proxy. I think he's immature, He can't say things like that to you. Time for Mr. Wonderful to HIT THE ROAD! 


    3. Viola


      @Nightwriter he chose me over his ex. The girl wanted him back after almost a year of nothing. When she called him, he told her that he already has a girlfriend. That's how he finally labelled things. But since the ex was involved, we had a talk first wherein he said he was so close to getting over his ex because he has me. But that sometimes i remind him of his ex. And when his ex called, he got all confused but he is absolutely sure that he wants to be with me and not his ex. 

    4. Nightwriter


      Hun,  I think you’re worth more than a complication. The guy is a child, he doesn’t have any idea what he wanted in his life. The girl will probably use him like a dish rag and do whatever and come back for some more. Is he still around in your life? 😑. I hope he’s worth your time. 

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