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  1. I play this when i am given an opportunity Tank player mostly but good with mages as well
  2. Yep that is the release date of the products as well as the commanders that came with it
  3. Mostly anime Re zero: starting life in another world The rising of the shield hero Bofuri
  4. Gun 'n roses - November rain Sweet child of mine Estranged Knocking on heaven's door
  5. One more light - linkin park I just feel the song how chester is giving meaning to the song. Miss you chester. Will miss the great songs you have provided us
  6. Ah yes. love this song. Brings back memories Anyway listened to faded - alan walker
  7. Well its true that the best part is meeting other players. Whether yoy are playing casually or competitive depends on what your game play is. There are high level of competition and there are just those you like yo have fun with other peoples. Depends on you style. Others prefer to play commander (edh) the feel of politics and all
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