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What Has Love Taught You Lately?

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Thread started by chelly on 18 February 2005 - 08:58 PM

Okay...okay...i know it's sappy but then we all learned something about love and being in love...or letting go of one...what has it taught you?

Me? I have learned to let go of the one person I love in all my life...he needs to grow...he needs to mature...and he needs to do that without me. Believe me it's not easy...it is the most painful thing I have done and currently going through...but the fact that I do it because I love him makes it feel worthwhile.

Another lesson is that if you truly love someone...more than setting him free...forgive him and wish him well.

You will forever be missed...take care...wherever you may be.


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Getting to know a person you care about  is a life long process. The things that one likes or hates may change down the road as life evolves and new experiences  good and bad mold a persons physical, mental and emotional  well being through the years. 

There is one saying that I know will always hold true -  That the only permanent thing in life is change. 

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