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  1. Here's a song to hopefully keep you going until we've cleared this pandemic.

    Magkakasama Tayong Muli by Suzara


    1. Nightwriter


      @Storm Trooper Really cute song! Thanks for suggesting this! ❤️

  2. 11:13 PM Sat. 10 Jul.

    T minus 5 minutes until the last kettle of drinking water boils ...


    1. Viola


      Just get a water heater and filter already. Dont slave over that day after day.

    2. Storm Trooper

      Storm Trooper

      He he he ... Not possible yet given the pandemic.  Water supply from the kitchen sink is the only feasible water source and lots of work need to be done to get it set up.  

      Currently boiling between 4 to 5 kettles of water a day.  Around 22 minutes per kettle.  I'm the water boy at home.  😃

  3. Covid 19 doesn’t rest nor should the people behind securing the vaccines for the country.

    Would the “powers that be” consider working 24 / 7 at least until we’ve secured the vaccines?

    From how I understand it, the Covd 19 Vaccination Program Act and paper work relating to emergency use authorization are among the things holding up vaccine shipment. Let’s work on these and other related matters 24 / 7.

    Billions have been allocated for the Bayanihan to Recover as One Act 2. Maybe some of the said funds could be allocated for this endeavor.

    1. Do Better

      Do Better

      So gentle. 😀

  4. 2:32 PM Sat. 13 Feb.

    Beef price list has been fixed.  Chicken & pork price lists remain.  

    Chicken prices would be ridiculously high due to availability issues.  < sigh >

  5. I wish the government would make food self - sufficiency a national policy.

    Nothing against importers.

    1. Angel


      If the government people doesn't make money from "food self sufficiency" that won't happen. On the left hand you have millions, on the right hand you have self sufficiency. The choice is clear. 

  6. 12:03 AM Sat. 06 Feb.

    Working while Bloomberg on cable TV keeps me company.

    Hopefully my meat shop would reverse it's loss last month.  

    1. Angel


      I do not understand why the prices of pork and other farm products went up. I did not do any research. But shouldn't the law of supply and demand take effect? Or was this price increase artificial?

    2. Storm Trooper

      Storm Trooper

      I guess it depends on who you get in touch with regarding the causes of the price spike.

      From communicating with multiple suppliers, it's a supply issue; thus the prices have gone up.  

      African Swine Fever (ASF) decimated the pork population in Luzon.  With ASF not being under control, hog raisers are hesitant to repopulate.  Prices shot up.  People then shifted to chicken as a source of protein.  That strained supplies; thus, prices shot up as well.

      We live in ... interesting ... times.  

    3. Angel


      Thanks for the info

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