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  1. walang inosenteng salita, may kakaibang karga ang bawa isa.

  2. Socially Inept Person Seeking Instant Personality. AKA SIPSIP!

  3. Im so adjective, I verb nouns!

    1. Do Better

      Do Better






    2. malfunction


      english grammar puns :)


  4. May joke ako tungkol kay april boy, kaso baka hindi niyo kayang tanggapin.😄

  5. Sa sobrang init, gusto ko makit ang crush ko, makaramdam man lang ng lamig.

  6. Hindi lahat ng pwede, dapat; Hindi lahat ng pwede, tama.

  7. in terms of food ayos sila pareho. pero in terms of selection mas prefer ko ang brands and the type of groceries and liquor SnR carry
  8. You love to hate the one who loves the one you hate to love.

    1. Dodo


      Umikot ang ulo ko dito.

    2. Do Better

      Do Better

      read it 4 times, gave up altogether hahaha

    3. malfunction


      try nyo tagalugin mas madali haha!


  9. May joke ako tungkol sa linkin park, kaso in the end it doesn't even matter.

    1. The Internet Superstar

      The Internet Superstar

      it doesnt really matter 

  10. Have you searched for your Ex on Facebook? Still stalking from time to time sa IG when she has a new post How is he/she? Most probably still single Can you still remember your last moments with him/her? Yes Tell us about it. You really shouldn't be affected by now. Maybe he/she is just waiting for your friend request. We had dinner, talk very casually and told me we are a victim of circumstances. akala ko hindi pa yun. Closure na pala sa kanya yun. affected my life and career, my highest paying job that year went down the d
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