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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. This is where I'll be storing bits and pieces of interesting AI news I find on the web. If you have interesting info regarding AI just post here. I hope to hear from you soon!
  2. What Got You Hooked on Science? What are you Science-ing now? My first experiments were: 1. With a stick, I killed a rat begging for mercy. I wanted to see death. I wanted to feel superior at age 5. 2. I disassembled a Parker pen, I wanted to know what made it write. Age 4 What's your science story? What were your early science moments? What are you doing now? Latest experiments? What are you researching? What are you constructing?
  3. The time will come when designer babies will be the norm. What’s your position?
  4. I’m excited about his prediction of humans being able to upload our brains to computers, humans being immortal, in a sense. I will be able to continue to give guidance to my children, if they need me. And maybe upgrade my digital self to process information really fast, maybe download my consciousness to a robot and continue to move around. Maybe send my consciousness to Mars to another robot shell there. Maybe they will find a way to merge my brain with the brains of my offsprings. Once humans are able to do his we will truly be unlimited! All I have to do is make it to 2040.
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