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  1. Pretty much the same like last year, just much, much gloomier. Less Christmas songs, less decorations, less people in the streets. More unemployment, more people in the hospitals, more unpaid bills, more bad news in the media... we just got to have to learn to look at the positive things in life, to lessen the stress and anxiety and depression in our families. Hey, we’re still alive and that’s the important thing, for as long as we are breathing there is always hope, prepared people always have alternatives. Wishing everyone a healthier 2021!
  2. Hi guys! If you want to share your photos and videos in Canada just post it here ? I'll start by posting some pics.
  3. Snow shovels, rock salt, ice chippers, blowers are important here
  4. What's your Twitter? FOLLOW & SUBSCRIBE NOW!
  5. You've read about it in the internet for the longest time, but when you finally get here what made you say "Wow! I never expected that!"
  6. What are the things you don't miss back in the Philippines?
  7. Now that your in Canada, what are the things you wished that you should have done, while you were still in the Philippines? Maybe if we shared our experiences we will help other people to decide better. Thanks for sharing!
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