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What Motivates Me

Do Better



I have an idea of what motivates me to go online everyday but I do not know how to put it in words. This blog entry will be un filtered, hoping to capture the essence of the moment. I am not a writer but I try my best. It's the only thing that matters, trying our best. When we do our best we beat our meanest competitor, ourselves.

I changed my account name from Mr. Philippines to Do Good Things so that I will be perennially reminded to always be good to other people. I want to prove that goodness is a marketable trait in the Philippine Internet Scene. That intelligence matters and being smart counts.

I found my motivation. I hope this blog entry helps you to continue to burn bright!



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I would like to think that I somehow inspired the script writer of the latest SMART commercial, staring Chris Evans but, THAT would be egotistical. Striving for good has always been the objective of many, I simply am one of the many who wish for good things, one of the many who choose to do good things. In fact, honestly, it is I who got inspired by the marvelous writers of the SMART advertising agency which happens to be DENTSU. Thank you for inspiring me. Changed my name again. Do Better.

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I’m surprised that Dentsu already has SMART! 😵 talagang umiikot ang mundo ng ahensya. Palipat- lipat ang mga account at walang permanenteng tirahan. 😀 

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Being different, more so a Pinoy, and embracing it is what motivates me. 🙂

This realization  came to me early in my career in the technical field that was dominated by mostly Caucasians here in the US. And the fact that everyday is a battle to show my worth and prove, beyond my color and accent, that I am their peer and an integral part of the team.

My different background and values as a Pinoy bring something extra to the table and more often than not, those little extras make a big  difference in work ethics that gets things done and bring results.  It's true that Asians in general are typecast to be hard workers and are reliable professionals. But then it's those traits that helps in getting the visibility and recognition that paves the way to career advancement and professional growth.

 I always believe that with dedication and determination, one does not only grow but also bloom wherever planted. 😄

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