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About this blog

It's both an honor and privilege to be ManilaStar's first Blog. This blog contains ideas on how to build this community (initially this blog's first intention). Built to Last by Collins and Porras is my guide in this quest. See you in the Stars! 

Entries in this blog

What Motivates Me

I have an idea of what motivates me to go online everyday but I do not know how to put it in words. This blog entry will be un filtered, hoping to capture the essence of the moment. I am not a writer but I try my best. It's the only thing that matters, trying our best. When we do our best we beat our meanest competitor, ourselves. I changed my account name from Mr. Philippines to Do Good Things so that I will be perennially reminded to always be good to other people. I want to prove that go

Do Better

Do Better in Ideas

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