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About this blog

It's both an honor and privilege to be ManilaStar's first Blog. This blog contains ideas on how to build this community (initially this blog's first intention). Built to Last by Collins and Porras is my guide in this quest. See you in the Stars! 

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Talk to the Admin Here ​😇​ What Can I Do For You?

Hello. What can I do for you? 😇 If you have any questions regarding Stars! just ask me here. I made several "How to's" to guide new members. I plan on making more of these guides next week. If you find these instructions useful please "Like" by clicking on the heart. 😇 💠 How to change MY PROFILE PICTURE? 💠 Where is MY PROFILE PAGE? 💠 How do I make MY STATUS? 💠 How to SEND A MESSAGE to Another Member? 💠 How to REPORT A BAD CONTENT? 💠 How to SEE MEMBERS SIGNATURES?
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