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Your Science Journey - What Got You Hooked on Science?

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Im not working in the science field now... But i've always been interested in how things work.

I was a bookworm even when i was still a kid. Read a lot of books instead of playing outside. 

I loved math and logic. In 4th grade, we were introduced to spaghetti programming. I forgot what it was, but more likely it was lotus 1,2,3.  I loved it. For my final project, i created a text-based "encyclopedia" of the solar system. Basically, i have 28 books, all about the solar system programmed some sort of wiki so they can navigate through the content that i copied from the 28 books. I felt so mature compared to my classmates.

I was also friends with the librarian that she allowed me to take home more books that what was allowed 

In high school, we also had our version of a programming class. If i remember things correctly, it was turbo pascal. I loved it. I even got an award as best in programming come graduation.

With my love of math, logic and coding, i naturally ended up in an computer engineering course. I loved my engineering mechanics. I loved logic gates and creating diagrams that would lead to my expected output and finally creating the circuit that would make it my diagrams tangible. I loved all of it.

Unfortunately, i got sidetracked and ended up in the BPO industry. Stayed there for 11years before i decided, i need something closer to what i love doing.

A couple of years ago, I found out about a scholarship for data science. I applied with no hesitation and got in. Now, im in data analytics. Doing the things i love. Coding and crunching numbers.

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