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Thinking of Buying a Treadmill or a Stationary Bike?

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I bought a cheap stationary bike for my mom.. cost me only 2k. She's old so she just needs to exercise but not go extreme about it 

I want a treadmill but it will set me back at least 40k.

Bought sneakers instead and new earphones.. as walking around the village seems to be cheaper. I just need to walk really early because there is less people out than if i walk early evening.

Unfortunately, all the walking doesnt seem to be doing anything to my weight.

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6 hours ago, Oceaneer said:

Hi guys, I've been thinking of buying a treadmill. Is this better than walking around your village or subdivision? Won't this bore the heck out of me? Share experiences please. Thanks!

For me nothing beats the real thing, for exercise purposes. Since pandemic and if you are concerned about the virus outside and hindi pa sanay mag jog with masks, treadmill is a good option.

Sa treadmill kasi, yung mga mamahalin na may motor at magandang rollers. Assisted ka in walking and jogging. Tatagal ka compare sa usual jog mo dahil wala na yung resistance every other step. You can incline for more challenge, also treadmill will take a lot of space and hard to move.

As for stationary bike, mas maliit ang foot print nya mas madali sya I move. So if ma bbore ka pwede mo sya i move ng location maybe sa tapat ng TV. Watch while you bike. Ang ok sa stationary bike, hindi nag bago or same pa rin movement and resistance mo na makukuha. At not that hard on the knees unlike in jogging for a long time.

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