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Ages 40 to 49 - Were You Prepared When You Reached 40?


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On 3/9/2021 at 1:00 AM, Nightwriter said:

The best advice is don't settle.

Don't settle down unless you've got enough to keep aside without your significant person knowing it.

I was referring towards money.

We were 'indoctrinated' in believing that we HAVE to share everything to our partner, everything we have, every iota we have in our body even! but you really have to protect yourself when your marriage is going to fall apart in probably....for the next 10 years or so. 

If you've been married for 2 decades - Good for you! You still have to put something away for yourself!

What about a future investment? a future business deal perhaps? Buying that car you've been lusting about for 10 years now? 

A spouse is a spouse. Society dictates to you - be a good father, pay your kid's tuition in private schools, provide a good home and vacations or probably buy your wife something fancy- those F shoes she wanted or that F Marc Jacobs.  

Anyway, my point is that save money. Save enough to build on, SAVE IT in another account even!

Do not give everything to your spouse. 

I think i've made my point. LOL.

And lastly, Don't just settle with a person who would make you feel bad all the time. Mental Illness is real! and you have one life - don't put up with anybody who is bad for you and your career!. 

There you go! 




the cost of living is getting higher by the year. and maintenance items like mes are going up.

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For God Sake's, Get to know this person's family history before settling down because this might just save your life! 

 On a first date, just keep the person talking about themselves and let them think that they're the most important person on the planet ( just by actively listening) and do your 'investigative analysis'. If you're actually looking into finding someone to settle down with, that is! 

Current events leads to future trends, my friend. Watch this person talk about trash about their family, lovers and friends, it won't be for long that you'd be 'trending' too. 

When people tell you about themselves for the first time, BELIEVE THEM! 

You can't save or change people, You're not going to devote your time fixing them at all. There are tons of people living around the world and you are not going sell yourself short for someone who has a bad attitude. 

You're better than that. 

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Took early retirement around 2012 at the age of 35 with hefty xxx money

Went back to corporate life, working 8-5.

have 3 kids, technically single, still getting a lot of bedroom action with my partner at 44 😉

bought a lot only in the north area, have a house and lot in a well known area in the south area, driving a SUV, planning to get a small farm lot, got my insurance, stocks and fund investment

Almost there to retirement 🙂


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