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How to Eat Together With Your Wife and Children

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Leave all devices in another area of the house. Don't bring cellphones to the eating table. You can take pictures of food but make sure you don't place your cellphone nearby. Turn off the television, turn down loud music. No gadgets in the table. Sit beside your wife, not in front.

Serve your wife first. Scoop the rice from the pot onto her plate, if this is the first time you're doing it inform her that you would like to serve her first. Smile. Then you scoop rice for yourself. During the meal, when your wife is not holding her spoon or fork, surprise her by holding your wife's wrist, a light stroke down and up and then a light grip. Say something nice.

Praise your children if they eat vegetables. Crack jokes, share with your children what you saw on YouTube etc. Don't ask children uncomfortable questions. You hated questions when you were a kid, your kids hate them too. Stay away from difficult topics like school work. Keep the conversation fun!

Avoid placing soft drinks or any kind of beverage container on the eating table. This will encourage kids to eat more food prepared by your wife. Leave the dirty beverage containers in the kitchen.

Volunteer to get your wife water or drinks when the meal is about to be concluded. Timing is key. Go to the kitchen and prepare her drinks. If its water ask if she wants it with ice or warm. After your wife is served you can then make your own glass of water or drink.

Washing dishes will be another topic.

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