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  1. haha tag me when you have done it.
  2. Nice!!! try this @Dodo plain yogurt mix with fresh berries or strawberries mashed it mix it well put in a freezer then take it out after 45 mins. Wooolah Home made yogurt icecream..
  3. Nice car! I remember my ex have same that car but white and super tint first i rode when my ex and i were still super nice comfy to sit sometimes when he picked me up somewhere in pasig meeting place embarrassing because i feel like everyone is looking at me i feel im pokpok haha kasi ung driver nya pag oopen pa ko pinto haha.
  4. Yakult one i drink everyday.. probiotic drink women must need this drink everyday ohhhh ..iba therapist girl alam nyo ba yun???why??? Search it. pero mas miss ko ung strawberry yakult na nainom ko sa taiwan😋
  5. https://open.spotify.com/track/267RumTt5KeLBGl2KWxBL0?si=TF2PicJPS7untF-Q-wOcaQ
  6. Good afternoon good vibes!!! 💃🏼🥰

    1. Dodo


      Hello.  Kamusta na.  Well rested I hope.

    2. Sky


      Ok na pwede na ulit mag puyat haha

  7. natutukso ko instead to restwell gusto ko mag cellphone to post here..namiss ko 😔

  8. I'm sorry I won't be active. I need to rest after my operation, I hope you understand. see you soon maybe 2nd week of march! i missyou stars! ABANGERS MY FIRST POST SOON.  


    1. Ice


      get well soon!


    2. Dodo


      Rest and get better.  see you soon.

  9. hi there!!! sky here..

  10. hi there namiss nyo ba ko haha joke..

    1. Dodo


      Yes.  Hindi joke.😀😀

  11. 😂😂😂


    1. Sky


      haha 🤣🤣🤣

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