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  1. Our first pet- Psycha


  2. Our pet dog Max


  3. T-Sky-2 months old Pomeranian   



  4. Gucci- American Bully 2 weeks old
  5. Tip#3 When traveling, always give your dog lots of water with dextrose powder to keep them hydrated
  6. Tip#2 If your dog is going to travel and you don’t want your car to be smelly because of poop, it’s last meal should be around dinner time.
  7. Tip#1 don’t give your dogs big bone. Even if it is a large breed. The bone might stuck. Just like what happened to this dog, we have to rushed him to the nearest vet clinic. How much does it cost for the bone to be removed? 5k
  8. Daemon the Corgi- he is 3 months old in this photo
  9. I want to eat shawarma! With ice cold Coke. Kahit 11:30pm na! Nakakagutom pag na-imagine ko ang lasa.
  10. What was your first pet? What's his/her name? Can you tell us more of your pets favorite activity?
  11. How many pets do you have right now? What are your pets?
  12. Hi Guys, post your cute pet photos here! It would be great if you could include your pet's names and other details. Who wants to start?
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