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  1. Be faithful. If you can't be faithful you should always have a 100 pesos inside your pocket. Use this 100 pesos to buy Condom. What about the change? It is to remind you that you do not have enough money to buy another condom for 2nd round thrist. How can you cure your std's.
  2. I am 46, male, having back pains. Is this normal for my age?
  3. Malabo na mata ko. Hirap na ako sa harap ng computer. Pero kapag porn pinapanood ok bumubuti naman. 🤣
  4. Subok na matagtag este MATATAG😆
  5. Nice SUV pero... I am satisfied with my present set up. Everday iba iba ang driver ko. Iba papunta sa mga lakad at iba pabalik sa bahay. Im your daily commuter🤣
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