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  1. This depends on where you are staying. Most non-quarantine hotels also require a negative rapid test so you have to add that to your budget. Hotels around Pasay specifically within the casino area would set you back a minimum of a little less than 10k. Another area you might consider that is a little cheaper would be in Alabang. I’ve seen rates to be around 5-8k only.
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  3. I have these lingering questions in my mind and it just baffles me because it just doesn’t make any kind of sense if you have a perfectly working reasoning. Here goes: So you are still in a relationship, then you met someone and say that you are in love with them. Shouldn’t the most logical (or moral) thing to do would be to end your present relationship and be with the new one? Why lie to someone and still continue your relationship with them if you are really in love with somebody else? Is it wrong to just dismiss this type of person as simply being an asshole? Why do
  4. That giddy feeling will fade as soon as the superficial facade made by a person starts to break down. Lets admit it, when we meet someone new, especially if you see this person as someone you will be romantically involve with, we always put our best foot forward, trying to impress this person with either material things or displaying attitudes that we think this person will find attractive. But as soon as we get comfortable, we slip up and our true self will show. Thats why we always hear “sa simula ka lang pala magaling” 😅. part 2 to follow... 😁
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