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  1. Any recommendations for restaurants of bars where you can listen to old music (80's and 90's era)? Could you also mention if they have live bands or DJ's. Thanks! P.S. - Sorry I was not sure where this would be more appropriate, here or under Music
  2. Sinangag and tuyo - childhood memories Tipas Hopia - Mongo A good burger
  3. Jaws, the first one. Saw it with my sister and uncle. My sister and I had our hands near our eyes whenever the music played or the shark was visible. We were so scared that closing our eyes would not be enough. We had to cover them. I dont know how we lasted through the whole movie
  4. As software and apps are upgraded, old hardware has a harder time keeping up. My old phone could hardly cope with the the things I needed to do. So I bought a new one that would suit me needs better
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