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  2. Like his master, Bong Go is not fit as a leader. They can't even debate without resorting to ad hominems.
  3. UP students can do both: they can study when it is time to study, but also join protests when they choose to. It’s just a matter of time management. UP admission is as fair as other schools out there. If you passed the UPCAT, then you can get into UP. There are other ways to get in, but it still requires that you prove that you have the skill to be able to get in (like talent tests for the arts). Money doesn’t get you in. I would know because I had a relative who was an official in UP that got asked a lot by personalities to get their child in UP, but couldn’t because they l
  4. I believe the ‘hate’ they have for UP is because of misinfomation and bias. Because they are outsiders and didn’t get to experience UP, they think that all UP students do is attend rallies all day. Maybe some of the hate may also stem from envy. It is because UP enourages its students to have more freedom of expression than the traditional schools they went to.
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