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  1. The US and PH are two very different countries to be compared. One is a first world, the other is a third world. If you compared Vietnam and Philippines then your statement could make more sense. As for things being "OK", did the funds from what we loaned from other countries really went to the betterment of our nation, especially during this pandemic? All the improvements you mentioned are pre-pandemic.
  2. Any hotel recommendations within Makati? I'm from the northern most part of Metro Manila so I don't want to go too far
  3. He's been causing the Dogecoin to spike because of his tweets. Yes, it feels like market manipulation because it is.
  4. Doing swing trading from time to time but only does technical analysis at the moment. DOGE for the win! 😄
  5. The debt could have been managed better. Kaso hindi eh. Wala naman mali sa pagutang o utang mismo. US nga may utang din eh. Pero at least, sa kanila may pinupuntahan kahit papano. Satin ramdam mo ba?
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