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  1. When my students who did not submit any gradeable output will ask, Sir ano po ba pwede gawin para pumasa?.
  2. Si niece e baka pwede na magsampa separate na kasi like physical injury or slander as the case maybe. Si nephew na minor pasok pa sa child abuse law, use him as mas malakas ang penalty ng child abuse. Minsan non bailable pa. Good luck
  3. Re first question sakto sa annulment yan. On the second question, napakahirap magka sole custody sayo. May preference sa nanay pare, having said that there is no harm in trying. Although possible mahirap. First step is a bit tricky, based sa description mo parang gone girl si wife (no offense meant). But a physical separation usually begins an annulment process, as to what causes it eh depende. Answered you without the legalese. Good luck
  4. Yes. Wala namang sanctions. Hindi mo lang makukuha ung pension nung member. Sayang yun
  5. Nope not for annulment. May specific grounds ang annulment and cheating is sadly not part of them. In the bigger scheme of things pwede gamitin yan for a psychological profile for psychological incapacity ng partner. Better talk to your lawyer na mag file ng case mo for this.
  6. Made all activities asynchronous and delivered teaching via lecture notes and modules. No chance to see my pretty students in person. Sad
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