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  1. I changed my registered email just this January. And sadly, still having the same 500 error until now. I can still log in, however I have very limited access (no access to forums and no messaging capability). I apologize for bringing it up here, since I really do not have any other means of access to the admins aside from a couple of emails I sent with no reply yet.
  2. It’s actually a problem with my mtc account. I get the 500 internal server error when trying to revalidate my new email. Lol. I can’t message the admins and tried to email but to no avail. πŸ˜…
  3. Mini first aid kit Fire ex Flashlight Tow cable Jumpstart cables / rechargeable jumpstarter Portable compressor / inflator Distilled water Extra belts Spare cash Basic tools (screw drivers, wire cutters, pliers, etc) Work gloves Extra rags / microfiber towels
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