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    • Someone who cant decide what they want. I call them urong-sulong type. Just go for it of you want it or leave.  One of the things i know is a wrong move on my end which ended up hurting me is trusting someone to keep a promise and then when i look back, they never really said the words "i promise".. so there was never really a promise to keep. Wrong move I assumed they promised but they never did.
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Nintendo Switch - What Games Do You Play?

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  • Do Better changed the title to Nintendo Switch - What Games Do You Play?
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3 hours ago, danielwtf said:

i got a switch earlier and currently have NBA2K21. what other titles do you suggest? 🙂

currently thinking of DMC, Witcher, Skyrim and Diablo.

Animal Crossing New Horizons. Give it a try. 

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Currently just Fire Emblem 3 Houses. Trying to get the Silver Snow Ending on Maddening mode then I'm going to try a no New Game + run after on Maddening difficulty. 

After that, probably Monster Hunter Rise when it comes out. 

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