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  1. Hi! Have a question regarding my situation and hopefully somebody can help me out. It's actually with regards to my wife: We've been married for 9 years na and have two kids. Back then napapansin ko na that she has a mean streak and to put it bluntly "malala talaga ang toyo" at times. Maybe dati pinalalampas ko but lately grabe na. She picks fights at the simplest things - pati yung clothing donations ng mom ko, nakipagaway pa sa akin because in her words "madamot daw kami because hindi raw muna inalok sa kanya" - eh hello pang donation nga eh! She constantly acts like a child where my goodness she picks fights with my son and daughter (whose 5 and 6 respectively). Pipikunin nya and then pag napikun ang bata and nagalit, gagantihan nya na. And goodness, she can say shit about your family and siblings pero you cannot. To be fair I dont do that as I tend to repsect my elders and my peers. But her? Pfft. As anyone can probably see living with her is like unbearable and lately ive developed high blood pressure due to stress where a big portion is caused by her. Kawawa naman mga anak ko if maiwan sa kanya kung sakali may mangyari sa akin. My parents are also seniors na rin eh so yeah, kawawa mga kids. So here is my big question, can i file for annulment citing psychological claims? And can i make sure na my kids will be under my custody? If so, what is the first step i should take? Thank you.
  2. Monster Hunter Rise and just got Kingdoms of Amalur Re-reckoning
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