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  1. I've been tested positive for Covid 19 twice ( na rapidtest muna bago RTPCR ) , both cases asymptomatic , may monthly mandatory test sa work , both cases wala akong na infect na colleagues or family members , baka nga dahil asymptomatic kaya ganyan so safe to assume na di ako mag rush sa mga vaccine and wait na lang pag ok na availability nya ?
  2. Bought an Xiaomi Mi10T Pro , upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 , my Note8's GPS was not working miss ko pero Amoled and gaan ng Note 8 haha
  3. My Cheap PC Rig Intel i3-10100f , MSI H410 Board , 16GB DDR4 , Zotac 1660Ti , 512MB SSD , 4TB HDD , HKC 27" 144 it's a budget low end to mid range rig wasn't expecting a big boost on the processor , came from a second gen Core i7 2600 , pag ka alam ko pa is those Core i3's were 2core - 4threads , pero itong 10th gen 4core 8threads na , lewl not bad for 4k+
  4. currently at Platinum 1 , i hope riot does more to compensate players with AFK and Leaver teammates
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