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Originally Posted by storm on 02 June 2004 - 10:42 AM

On the 23rd of September 1972, Martial Law was declared although Marcos antedated it to September 21 (7+7+7=21). Nawala lahat ng palabas sa Zenith 21" TV namin na Black & White. Pulos mukha ni Marcos and Tatad ang palabas.

Biglang nabago ang takbo ng Pilipinas pati na Fashion and Lifestyle.

Before Martial Law
Plaza Miranda and Mendiola, not EDSA were the place for rallies and freedom.

Fashion style: Hippie - Long hair for boys and girls, distressed denims (flared), what you see nowadays. Miniskirt and hot pants for girls with matching "wet look" leather boots.

1971 - Plaza Miranda bombing

1972 - MARCOS. Martial Law. Curfew. Harrasment. No more long hair.


Bagong terms noon na nauso
Huwag kang maingay, baka madinig ka ni Marcos
Political Detainees

Pero being a child noon, wala akong pakialam.

I thought, wow, luminis, tumahimik and gumanda ang Pinas.

Enjoy ako sa mga TV series na My Favorite Martian sa morning before I go to school.

Tapos uso ang stay-in parties o tipar 

First time kong makatikim ng Adidas (Vienna, kasi mas gusto kong Red)
Glenmore and Wilson kung leather shoes (buhay pa kaya sila?)
Wilson Shoes is supposed to be in Detroit St., Cubao.

Levi's and Wrangler lang. Or magpatahi ka na lang. American bell pang tawag nun.
Tapos lumabas ang Bangbang, Faded Glory

Hang Ten, Munsingwear, Collezione, Lacoste, Fred Perry, FILA, Lotto, Sergio Tacchini

In Places
Farmers sa Cubao
Quad sa Ayala

Well, kung naaalala nyo pa, post lang kayo.

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