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League of Legends - Who Else Plays LOL on Mobile?

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I used to play Mobile Legends bangbang, when LOL announced that they developed LOL on Mobile I was so excited to try it. Now I'm better at gameplay, love the graphics and there's less toxic players atm. ? My favorite champion is LUX the mage.




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Still don't know my main role/ champ but enjoying the game immensely so far. It's so much deeper than Mobile Legends but at the same time, still fast-paced enough for a mobile handheld game.

I'm sure the game experience will improve even more as the player base continues to grow. It's now Number 2 MOBA downloaded on the Apple App Store (next to ML) but seeing as this is only at the Alpha Stage and is barely into the Global release... I can't wait to see how big this game explodes.

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Been a LOL player since 2011 (Season 2). Highest peak that I reached while playing the PC version was Diamond 3. Wasn't able to play consistently due to lack of time given the ridiculous work hours required by my work. When I learned that Riot had developed a Mobile version of LOL, I was ecstatic. Been playing since late Nov 2020. Finished the last season with the rank of Platinum 4. Currently sitting at Gold 2 mainly due to lack of playing time. If you want to play together, you can add me up AeySean#7427

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