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Wrong moves...

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18 hours ago, The Internet Superstar said:

How can I not react?! Eh ang ganda ng closing remark mo, Kat!

LOL! I’m in awe with so many young people with their forlorn ambition to be famous youtubers and of course, tiktokers! ( I don’t know how you’d  call famous people from tiktok). To be honest, women who ‘proclaims’  that they’re simple, Are NOT simple. Unless if your name is Simple. Women are generally complex people who have different needs and desires.  




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18 hours ago, just_checking said:

Delikado pag nag ttiktok hahahaha! Type ko... Yung maganda sa paningin ko 😂. Usually maputi, petite, may tamang curves at the right places hehe. Alam mo naman kaming mga lalake by nature eh sa looks na aattract

Hala! 😐, ilang taon ka na ba, hi’jo? LOL.

OKAY, so andyan na si Ivana (Alawi) at naging kayo.

Kaso maitim at may putok sa kili kili.

Anong gagawin mo? 🙂

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Are we limited discussing the thread starter's wrong moves or wrong moves in general?

In my opinion, may wrong move for other women pero right move sa iba. So get to know muna the person you like.

But ung wrong move for me is ung naninigurado muna bago mag moves talaga. I dont believe in wasting time, so if someone likes me, i wish they would tell me right away so i can respond accordingly.

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Someone who cant decide what they want. I call them urong-sulong type. Just go for it of you want it or leave. 

One of the things i know is a wrong move on my end which ended up hurting me is trusting someone to keep a promise and then when i look back, they never really said the words "i promise".. so there was never really a promise to keep. Wrong move I assumed they promised but they never did.

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